“ It is time to get to work for Montreal.

My vision is also yours: get Montreal moving, and create affordable, secure and
dynamic neighbourhoods for all. My vision respects the unique character of
each borough which makes Montreal the city we are all proud of. I want to
build the city of tomorrow, today, with you and for you.”

Our commitments

  • A new metro line

    To get Montreal moving, Valérie Plante will invest in the metro. A new metro line will be built to relieve crowding on the orange line and ease road congestion. With the purchase of 300 buses, we will also create an express bus network.

  • Less taxes for families

    To encourage and help families to stay in Montreal, Valérie Plante will facilitate homeownership. The welcome tax will be abolished for families with children or those expecting children. Financial aid programs will be improved.

  • An improved construction sites management

    Valérie Plante will put an end to improvised management of work sites, by creating the Specialized Mobility Unit, dedicated to the surveillance and supervision of construction sites. A team of inspectors will also ensure the best quality of work is being done.

Get involved!