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Yes to the Pink Line!

The Pink Line : a project to get Montreal moving.

With the Pink Line, Montrealers will get better access to our metro system. A fast, direct link between downtown and neighbourhoods that are poorly served by public transit.

It is an audacious, ambitious project but also a necessary one. A true plan for sustainable mobility across the city, that meets today’s challenges.

Why is it necessary ? Because our current transit system is saturated. Our metro, bus lines, roads and even bike paths are clogged.

Why build this particular metro line ? To give options to residents in poorly served areas, that also happen to be very densely populated. Half a million Montrealers will live less than 15 minutes away (by foot) from one of the future stations.

Montreal has not inaugurated a new metro station in the last 30 years. We need to use the current momentum and develop our metro system. Many great cities in the world are investing in their public transit system, it’s time Montreal follows suit.

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