Convention 2018

Following our 2018 "Convention - Collective brainstorm" held on April 29th, members voted to hold an Extraordinary Convention by the end of the year to cover resolutions that were not brought to the floor due to lack of time.

As a result, Projet Montréal members will meet again this fall to continue this exercise that began last spring.

This Extraordinary Convention will take place on Saturday, October 20th. All details pertaining to the schedule, location and the agenda will be provided during the month of September.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Schedule of the day

The event will take place all day Saturday, October 20 and will be mainly dedicated to address resolutions presented in the document of last April Convention and which were not seen by the assembly. Details will be provided in the coming weeks.


To be confirmed.

Accessibility for persons with reduced mobility

Projet Montréal will ensure that the chosen venue is universally accessible.

General information and registration

Only members in good standing will be able to participate in the Extraordinary Convention. A member in good standing is one whose membership is still valid and active 30 days before the event, that is, September 20th. Renew your membership without delay! If your membership is in a grace period, you must renew it.

Registrationwill take place this fall, for a fixed period to be specified. A registration form will be available online.

For media or specialist requests, write to us.

As in previous Conventions, we will provide on-site child care for parents. All details will be provided at a later time.

ALA proposals

NO new resolutions will be accepted or processed. The Extraordinary Convention will only deal with resolutions that were not brought to the floor for the April regular convention.




For any questions, contact us at the following email: