Support Projet Montréal for an animal control regulation that truly supports public safety and bite prevention, regardless of the dogs' breed or appearance.

The animal control by-law must be amended


The Coderre administration refuses to listen to the experts, scientists and other actors in the animal welfare community. March 31 is the deadline to apply for a special permit for pit bull–type dogs.

Like you, we are committed to the safety of all. And like you, we also know that policies based on the breed or appearance of dogs (BSL) are ineffective in protecting the public. All experts in animal behaviour agree on this.

Since 2013, Projet Montréal has publicly positioned itself against such regulations. We believe we should instead:

  • focus on leash and medal wearing;

  • focus on educating the public and owners;

  • provide monetary incentives for owners of sterilized and microchipped dogs;

  • provide cost-effective sterilization clinics;

  • ensure better control of the conditions of sale and life of pets and avoid the use of puppy mills.

When it comes to security, simplistic and populist approaches have no place. Elected officials must make decisions based on facts.

Ask the Coderre administration to amend the breed-specific by-law to secure the public and to prevent bites, regardless of the breed or appearance of the dog, by signing this petition. Thank you for your support!

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