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    commented on 2017 Platform 2017-11-06 09:10:47 -0500
    I’m curious to see if this political party plans to roll back on private contracts, and delegate the work to the city workers who are more than qualified, as well as equipped to complete the work at a fraction of the price… Strange how the previous party was continuing to contract out jobs to private companies like ‘Strathmore’ that city workers can easily do at no extra cost… While management would delegate workers to do nearly nothing, which make them look bad to the public eye, making it easier to contract the work out, I’m curious to know the « advantages » they got from thes private companies…? Also I hope this government is less likely to chase our workers pensions to make up for the money stolen by prior politicians. It should be easy to improve upon Coderre’s shady reign. I wish you well Valerie Plante, to a greater Montreal!